Psychology at KU

Social psychology has a long and distinguished history at the University of Kansas. In 1946, Roger Barker (Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from APA, 1964)
became Chair. In that same year, Fritz Heider (founder of social cognition) joined the Department (Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1965). Since then, Kansas has been
a world leader in research and training of graduate students. A recent article puts the KU program at the 92nd percentile of effective training programs in the USA
for placing new faculty into Ph.D. training programs (Ferguson & Crandall, 2007).

Getting Involved

The Social Psychology Ph.D. Program at the University of Kansas is a research-intensive training program in which students develop skills in research methodology, statistics, and the substantive major content areas in the field. This means that all of the faculty are actively involved in research, publishing, applying for grants, etc. What makes KU so unique, however, is that we encourage our students to collaborate with multiple faculty researchers, and we offer various opportunities for receiving internal sources of funding. We also offer a quantitative minor in statistics for graduate students who are interested.

KU is located in Lawrence, KS. We are a only a few blocks away from the downtown area, which includes a variety of restaurants, music venues, shops, and an active art district. We are also approximately 45 minutes away from Kansas City, MO, which features even more cultural offerings. The cost of living here is very reasonable. If accepted, a tuition waiver and stipend will be provided.

The LEMMA lab currently consists of two graduate students and 6-10 undergraduates. We have a private lab space with five individual rooms and computers, as well as several group rooms available for research. The department utilizes SONA-systems for most of our research, with a participant pool each semester. We almost never run out of participants for studies.

Although we have an open application deadline, I encourage students to submit materials as early as possible to qualify for funding. Here is a link to our program website ( and application materials (